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As Esther, many of you are in a pivotal transitional time where God is catapulting you to your new and your next. Expect to be guided and developed into your next. We will journey together through the process of purification and sanctification. We will focus on your spirit, soul, and body. God wants you to be wealthy and healthy. You will grow in the word of God and in prayer and intercession. Like Esther, you will learn fasting as a lifestyle and how to overcome fear and rejection. You will understand the importance of integrity and character. You will learn how to do self-deliverance and also go through corporate deliverance sessions. You will know etiquette fit for a queen. We will incorporate voices that will teach about finances and wealth. After this program ends, you will be equipped to make an impact on the kingdom of God in your spheres of influence and authority.

Starting June 8th

7pm CST|8pm EST

Marketplace Ministry

Santification & Purfication

Character & Integrity


Finances & Business

Prayer & Fasting

Health & Hygiene

Fashion & Presentation

Guest Speakers

Corporate Deliverance



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